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A culture of high performance starts from the top-down. At Prime Talent Insights, our goal is to push through the daily grind mentality and help our partners understand how their unique combination of natural behaviors and motivators form distinct leadership styles, and then communicate that value to the entire executive team and beyond.

Leadership Assessment & Executive Coaching

As a trained Value-Added Associate of  Target Training International Success Insights, Kim uses evaluation data to highlight specific strengths within your leadership team. Kim can help you clarify leadership styles and identify gaps, building an executive team you can count on.

Continue the conversation by meeting regularly with an executive coach, identifying long-term strategies to leverage your leadership style in your professional and personal life.


Talent Sourcing and Hire Selection 

You can’t be good at everything, and while you may excel in business development or product innovation, when it comes to growing your company, do you know where to start? How to hire the right people and how to motivate them to stay? Prime Talent Insights is your ideal partner in this process, helping you design your operations so they are congruent and aligned with your organization’s strategy and values, developing a highly effective organization from the start.

Our Talent Sourcing and Hiring Selection Services Include:

    • Helping employers identify and understand the soft skills required in an ideal candidate.
    • Job benchmarking or identifying the behavior and driving forces needed for success on a specific job.

These are very powerful in helping clients find success in hiring the right people. We are focused on setting the scene for hiring success, helping companies understand exactly what they’re looking for in their next hire.


Promotional Readiness

We can help determine not just who should be hired by your company, but who within the organization is ready for the next step – to take on more responsibility, advancing both their own growth and the growth of the organization… Through job benchmarks, and people development plans, we work with managers to identify the right candidates to be promoted, the exact strengths they have to be successful, and what areas for continued development may be holding them back.

At Prime Talent Insights, we believe that the growth of your people determines the strength of your organization.

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